আমার বাবা ও আমার শহর

ছোটবেলার বাবাকে নিয়ে আমার স্মৃতি হাতে গোনা। অন্য দশজনের বাবার মতোই আমার বাবাও ছিলেন অনেক ব্যস্ত, জীবনসংগ্রামে ছুটে চলা একজন মানুষ। আমাদের আরো ভালো একটা জীবন দেওয়ার অভিপ্রায়ে তাঁর ছিল নিত্য কর্মযজ্ঞ। যতটুকু সময় পেতেন, এর ভেতর তিনি কত কঠিনভাবে শাসন করতেন—শৈশবের সেই স্মৃতিই বেশি মনে পড়ে। বেশ বকাঝকা করতেন এবং মাঝেমধ্যে পিঠে মারও পড়ত।

Our ‘one-in-a-million’ man

Every time a tragedy makes an unannounced entry, our lives turn into a pile of grieving memories. Once struck by loss, one moves on to a totally different plane where laughter is almost immediately followed by a fear of an unknown tomorrow. Yet life goes on and continues as scheduled and as infantile egomaniacs, we continue deluding ourselves with promises to last forever. And finally, when people closest to you evaporate into thin air, one wonders if they've turned into shadows.

Annisul Huq – A Dreamer on a mission

Charming presenter, entrepreneur and the dynamic mayor of DCC, it seemed Annisul Huq had the Midas touch. His winning personality and can-do, must-do approach to life will be missed by all who knew him and by all those who have never met him. His tireless work on improving the city we live in and the cultural world we love touched more people than he probably imagined.

A tribute to Annisul Huq contribution to music

I first heard of Annisul Huq around 1981-82, courtesy of kind words of my dear friend, the physician and TV show maverick Dr Abdun Noor Tushar. Then a student of class ten, Tushar was assisting Annis in many of his, by the then wildly popular TV magazine shows and productions. Annis, on TV, appeared as a gregarious individual with a penchant for ear splitting laughter – in fact beating anyone else around by his sheer volume!

Of a dynamic city mayor, his dreams

He worked tirelessly and was planning to do more to realise his dream of making Dhaka a modern city, but death has halted that mission. The demise of Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor Annisul Huq has also cast doubt on the completion of his unfinished tasks. Many of his colleagues and well-wishers were still struggling to come to terms with the death of such a dynamic man like him.

Tribute to Annisul Huq: Demise of a changemaker

He was at his prime. Dynamic and full of energy, he was a man on a mission. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's surprising and insightful decision to nominate a nonparty man for the vital post of one of the two mayors of the country's capital turned out to be a brilliant one. Given the opportunity, he was determined to prove that he was a worthy choice.

I called him Moi

I always need a clean sheet to write on. I always prefer the backside of a calendar month to detail projects. But when it comes to life, no sheet or paper space has ever come to my rescue. I guess life, while it requires planning also plays out of a songbook that has a Composer who we can't keep track of or keep up with. His grand orchestra does not need to sync with ours and His tune plays on.

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