A ‘wrong’ picture of e-tendering had been presented in the report, it claimed on Thursday.

“All functions of this (e-tendering) system is conducted and controlled by the CPTU (Central Procurement Technical Unit). The process has helped the DNCC ensure transparency and accountability,” it said.

bdnews24.com ran the report quoting a councillor as saying, “The mayor recently awarded Tk 1.6 billion development work to people of his choice, including some BNP contractors, through e-tendering.”
But e-tendering was hardly the focus of the report published on Feb 1. Instead, it had highlighted the banding together of several councillors against Mayor Annisul Huq for ‘ignoring’ them in development matters.
The rejoinder, however, stressed e-tendering and said, “Your news item is not completely true.”
The DNCC said: “Any bidder registered with e-GP (Government Procurement) can freely take part in tender from any part of the country/world. There is no scope of nepotism and partiality in this process.”
The councillors had tried to hold a meeting at Dhaka’s Manipuriparha in their move against the mayor but failed due to ‘hurdles placed by the administration’.